gwarandpeas (gwarandpeas) wrote,


I paint a portrait of your face
Not your bared-teeth smiling
Not your chest exposed

Your practiced expression
Not your money, manner, wealth
Not your possessions, position, health
Out of this world's reality
Timeless and beautiful
Tragically hip and posed

On my wall you tilt your chin, affix your gaze
The transparent mannequin shining
Through my overhead projector
Your bare bones black and white
Rectangular reflection
Projecting the emotional refusal
Protected from my robotic automatic
Through the motions

Your portrait leans against my bookshelf
Solitary in its canvas prison
Barred from hurt and rejection

I left you breathless in your mother’s house
Ravenous for the mythic LTR
Poised and waiting, biding your time
Poisoned by my impulsivity
Broken by my capricious rapture
I left you wanting more than a whore
I apologize to you, my sensitive muse
I gave you all that I had to offer
A portrait for your affection
And nothing more.
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