gwarandpeas (gwarandpeas) wrote,

White Trash Lightning 4 Years Past

I was your bolt of lightning
Listening to that Pumpkins song on repeat
Having complete control of your stereo
Sharing that galleon jug of rum
with your friends in your car
I didn't drink in my own car yet

We were flashy and bright
As you drove us through West Tulsa
to that dirty motel room
Where the fat one taped the others having sex
We dwindled to nothing, no longer flashy

I act disgusted when retelling the account
Although it really intrigued me
Like a National Geographic special
on the cultural oddities of white trash
Thunder clapped and I threw my dip can away
Hopefully this time for good
Tags: lightning, motel, rum, the smashing pumpkins, tulsa, white trash
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